Lets learn kitesurfing in Philippines and have a lots of fun!


Why not?

We are waiting for you for the season, from November 2019 till April 2020, on our Kite spot, on the island of Negros, Zamboanguita - the windiest spot in the Visaya region! Just book your lesson with us before(from May till September) and get 35% disscount on the lessons! Currently our team is working in Ukraine(till 9.06.19) Will go to Rhodes, Greece(10.06.19 - 05.09.19)

This is the best guarantee to make your trip to Philippines unforgettable! Strong and constant wind, sandy beaches, clear water.


Who we are and what we offer?

We are a team of kitesurfing enthusiasts - all instructors are professional,  (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified; we will give you a unique experience in learning kitesurfing - fast, safe and fun teaching. A lot of background experience and the best innovative teaching techniques will help us to do it together! We love what we do!


Who is in the team?

Ilya - the organizer of kite camps around the world, kite-coach. Teaching experience - 6 yearsIlya - Kite Coach Kitelevel

"When I do kitesurfing - its filling up my life with great emotions"

Alex - kite-coach

Kite instructor - Sasha

Libra - mental inspirer, assistant instructor, future head-instructor

Its a unique offer to go kiting on one of the windiest spots in Asia - Negros Island (Philippines)!

In the Summer time(offseason) we located in Greece/Ukraine/Italy/Spain. Look up our Facebook page



Training takes place under the guidance of IKO instructors of our team on the brand new equipment Airush, Cabrinha, F-one, and Mystic..

Training cost (equipment rental, transfer from hotel to spot and back, instructor’s work):


Promotion! Only from 1 December till 26 February! First 20 students that will Leave an application for training / rent and get 35% discount on lessons and 5 % discount on rentals! on 05.01.19 -8 places left only

Training, IKO certificates, equipment rental Time
USD price

Price Peso

One person

Price Peso

Group of 2-people

Basic course for beginners 6 hours

17 000

-35% = 11 000

12 000

-35% = 7 700

Advanced course for beginners 10 hours

22 000

-35% = 14 800

18 000

-35% = 11 500

Personal lesson with instructor 1 hour

 3 100

-35% = 2 000

Escort at sea 2 hours 1 500  2 000
Test for issuing an IKO 2 300
Equipment rental, full set

2 hours

1 day*

2 days

3 days

7 days

2 300

4 000

6 800

8 600

15 500

2 900

4 500

7 500

9 500

17 500

*1 day - rentals more than 3 hours

How to get there?

It is easier and more convenient to take a Cebu Pacific airlines flight directly to the airport in Dumaguete (Negros) from Hong Kong (100 USD) or Bangkok (120 USD). From the airport, you can take a taxi and drive to Zamboanguita (20 USD) in 20-25 minutes.

What to do when no wind?

In our spot in the season wind is coming 90% of the days. Got 1-2 days break? Here is the activities you can do.

Dumaguete, Dauin and Zamboanguita - dive schools are swarming everywhere. Competition even more than enough - at this price acceptable. Dive spots really a lot.

There are also interesting hot springs that can be combined with "cold" waterfalls. Immerse yourself in a “cold” waterfall of 23 degrees, ride a scooter for 1-2 minutes and jump into a huge outdoor pool with water at 35 degrees ... a very interesting feeling.

There are really beautiful beaches where you can meet orange sunsets ...

The village of Bais ... a small sandy island in the middle of the ocean and which "appears" only at low tide ... while the sand is just blindingly white ... kiting is possible on this spot !!!

The island of Apo is small, but with its infrastructure, the island is located 2 kilometers into the sea from Zamboanguita. White sandy beaches, viewpoints, turtles swimming under water are waiting for them.

Where to eat? What to see? What else is worth trying? (Diving (!), Massage, hot springs, waterfalls, snorkeling with turtles, bounty beaches, incredible sunsets)

What to take with you? 

Leave an application for training / rent

contact us: +380675055144(Viber), +6309751803658(TM)

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