10 hours course for only 15000 pessos

IKO certification included
2019 brand new equipment
Discount on further lessons - 30%
20 USD  per hour!

WOW! Dreaming about learning to kite long time ago? Like they say: don't put aside until tomorrow, if you can do it aftertomorrow ;) Here is some myths about kitesurfing

"Kitesurfing? Its so expensive!"
As a rule, new kite equipment is expensive, but you can find sales and buy a new model of the year 30-70% cheaper, or used, which is 90% lower than the market, but at the same time do not lose in quality and characteristics, because Kitesurfing technology has not changed much over the past 10-12 years. For all kitelevel students, we provide free online advice on choosing a used / new equipment.
  You need to buy equipment only once. In the future, there is no need to pay for the wind.
  Its same as learning how to ride a bike. You went once — you will not forget. Well, if you haven’t breaked more than 2 years, normally, it takes not more than 90 minutes to “refresh” your memory.
  Our school is based in the Philippines, Negros island. From November 2017. More lessons you take — more discpint you'll get. 
"Ehhhh. I need to be more physicaly prepared. Will go to the gym first and then..."
To learn kitesurfing, you don’t need to run a marathon, press 130 or sit in twine. Physical activity here is minimal, mainly, it is motility, muscle memory.
Maybe it takes soooo long to learn it..
My personal instructor record is 4 hours! (The man first went in for kiting and four hours later independently traveled and made turns, while learning all safety precautions) Of course, units will learn so quickly. Normal progress - after 3-4 hours, people only begin to board, because in order to learn how to manage the kite it may take time (and this is 90% success).
People involved in "board" sports (surfing, wake, skate, snow, skiing) usually have an advantage in moving on the board. But on the other hand, it may be more difficult for them to manage the kite (wakers tend to pull the kite control bar too much)
Aloha, friends!
I'm, your instructor, will tell and show you how to learn kitesurfing easily and with pleasure! =) Actually kiting is a very lazy sport (as opposed to surfing), so everyone can do kiting, the main is desire and the wind, and I will provide everything else for you (of course, everything possible for me);)

Try it!

For free
  • 15 minutes to fly a kite
  • If You are not sure and want to try it

From Zero to Hero

  • 10 hours lesson
  • IKO certificate
  • Free further assistance in learning/choosing equipment
  • Further lessons 25$/hour

Lesson 1 Hour

  • IKO certificate
  • Its for you if you:
  • *stood up on the board before
  • *wanna to level up ;)